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The Settlement Group, Inc. coordinates the efforts of the real estate agent, lender, and real estate professionals to finalize the real estate transaction. Our managers and staff carefully review the Sales Contract and compile the specific documentation necessary to complete the settlement process. Our most important work is to make sure the terms of the Sales Contract you have entered into are met and to accurately reflect or resolve all issues of title involved in the transaction.
A few of the important tasks we undertake are:
  • Ordering and reviewing the title search and survey unique to your property and proactively addressing any title defect, restriction or survey issue.
  • Obtaining up to date payoff information for any existing mortgage(s) as well as property tax or other lien data.
  • Preparation of a title insurance commitment for review by your lender, providing pertinent information regarding the current owner(s) of record, the legal description and any easements or restrictions, which also sets forth all requirements to transfer title.
  • Communicating regularly with the lender to provide our best efforts to keep the settlement date on track and watch for any potential closing cost tolerance violations.
  • Addressing any specific seller, purchaser or agent requests such as powers of attorney or other accommodations necessary for the settlement.
  • Accurate and timely preparation and presentation of your settlement documents.

Why Choose TSG?

As a buyer or seller, choosing The Settlement Group, Inc. is a must. Our owners, staff, and legal counsel have more than 250 years of combined experience, which encompasses all facets of the real estate settlement process. We have a professional staff that return all phone calls and e-mails promptly and respond to our client's other needs. Additionally, our staff members are detail-oriented problem solvers, who eliminate problems before they occur or delay closing.   Furthermore, we handle all funds in a professional manner, always adhering to our fiduciary responsibilities. We provide courteous and personal service that only a locally-owned and operated company can provide. We look forward to serving as your settlement company for your upcoming transaction. 
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